Our Team

We are protein engineers, machine learning pioneers, and experienced entrepreneurs
dedicated to democratizing state-of-the-art technology and improving protein engineering workflows.
Tristan Bepler

Tristan Bepler, PhD

Tristan is a machine learning scientist, group leader of the Simons Machine Learning Center at the New York Structural Biology Center, and CEO and co-founder of OpenProtein.AI. He received his PhD from MIT in the Computational and Systems Biology Program. Before starting OpenProtein.AI, Tristan pioneered large language models for learning protein sequence representations and their application to protein property prediction. He is also passionate about machine learning methods for understanding protein structures in native states and accelerating cryo-EM.

Tim Lu

Tim Lu, MD, PhD

Dr. Lu is a serial biotech entrepreneur and faculty member in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Biological Engineering at MIT. Dr. Lu has been a co-founder and a Scientific Advisory Board member to a number of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies, including Senti Bio, BiomX, Corvium, Eligo Bioscience, Engine Biosciences, Synlogic and Tango Therapeutics.

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