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How OpenProtein.AI helps you

AI Accelerated Protein Design

Achieve your objectives in fewer, faster iterations
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OpenProtein.AI enables every project

Big data or small data

Whether you work with 96-well plates or have a high-throughput pipeline churning out 100s of thousands of data points, OpenProtein.AI helps you get the most value out of every sequence and every library.

Any protein, any property

From antibodies to capsid proteins to enzymes, our technology captures the complete protein universe to optimize any protein.

From activity to expressibility to thermo stability, OpenProtein.AI learns from your data to predict any property.

Learning the Protein Language

Similar to natural languages, proteins have a language that can be rearranged and assembled to create different functional proteins.

Like words and phrases in human language, protein sequences can be computationally broken down to identify how segments of amino acid sequences determine a protein’s function.

Our platform distills this knowledge from natural protein sequence databases to capture the evolutionary, structural, and functional properties of proteins.

This knowledge is then used to train our ML models to derive novel proteins that fit within the design constraints of naturally occurring proteins.

With your datasets, we further tune our models for your objectives and generate novel variants

Built by Protein AI Experts

Lin Li, Esther Gupta, John Spaeth, Leslie Shing, Rafael Jaimes, Emily Engelhart, Randolph Lopez, Rajmonda S. Caceres, Tristan Bepler & Matthew E. Walsh
Nature Communications 2023
Timothy F. Truong Jr, Tristan Bepler
NeurIPS 2023
Tristan Bepler, Bonnie Berger
Cell Systems 2021

Our philosophy

Your data is yours
Get better results in fewer rounds
Open science
We believe that transparent science is critical for human progress
Hands on assistance and custom support available
Protein design is hard, let us help you
AI accessible to everyone
We are committed to the democratization of AI

Stop wasting time and money on conventional mutagenesis libraries

Learn how our technology delivered antibodies with 20x greater potency than conventional mutagenesis in a head-to-head comparison.


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Achieve your objectives in fewer, faster iterations
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